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Supporting supported housing

15th September 2016

Proposed changes to the way that supported housing rent is met would have placed many services and the hundreds of thousands of people who use them at risk. Today, the Government has announced measures that will provide some reassurance.

Enough is enough - MPs call for action on...

18th August 2016

Today the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Select Committee has issued a report on homelessness, the result of a wide ranging inquiry aimed at getting to the heart of the problems behind an increase in all forms of homelessness. The recommendations include a reform of homelessness legislation, and increased supply of affordable housing.

Criminal justice reforms continue despite...

14th July 2016

In what has been a tumultuous three weeks in British politics, beneath the surface some major tectonic plates have been shifting in the realm of criminal justice reform. While these may pale in comparison to the huge shakeups and fall outs across the political spectrum, they are worthy of note – and may in fact prove the start of a major move in policy and practice.

A peer researcher responds to 'Refreshing...

8th June 2016

Peer researcher Lisa comments on some of the themes of our recent literature review on peer research: such as the personal benefits to peer researchers, breaking down boundaries between professionals and service users; and the importance of using peer research to make change.

Transforming Rehabilitation – teething trouble or...

26th May 2016

These reforms are of interest to Revolving Doors as many people under probation supervision face multiple and complex problems, including poor mental health, that can lead to a revolving door of crisis and crime. This post considers some of the questions raised in the HMI Probation report.

No-one turned away: Crisis publishes a review of...

10th May 2016

Single homelessness has been rising in England for several years. Rough sleeping, its most visible and harmful manifestation, has doubled since 2010 according to official statistics. A group of experts from a range of backgrounds, convened by Crisis, has come together to look at how homelessness law can be changed to help everyone homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Employment support for ex-prisoners – the Work...

15th April 2016

Finding employment can reduce the likelihood of reoffending and help people build a better life for themselves. Six members of Revolving Doors Agency’s national forum, all with recent experience of prison, have spoken about their experience of employment support to an official from the House of Commons Work & Pensions Select Committee.

Service User Involvement Is Vital

21st March 2016

In this blog, Joe Martin, a member of Revolving Doors’ National Service User Forum, talks about why service user involvement is so important, and what is needed to get it right. Joe contributed to the recent update of Clinks’ Guide to Service User Involvement, along with other Revolving Doors Agency staff and Forum members.

The Importance of Listening to your Service Users

15th March 2016

In this blog, Richard Tillman, a member of Revolving Doors’ National Service User Forum and contributor to the update of Clinks’ Guide to Service User Involvement along with other Revolving Doors Agency staff and Forum members, talks about the importance of listening to your services users, and involving them in your service design.

London Together

24th February 2016

Revolving Doors’ latest report, London Together, shows that many individual services are working well. Form my experience good services are those where the staff have lived experience and really go all out to help their clients.

One Year In

11th February 2016

After almost a year at Revolving Doors I wanted to take stock.

Voices from the Frontline - Response to our...

14th December 2015

Jonathon Graham from Homeless Link blogs on our recent review comparing the processes of recovery from mental illness, recovery from addiction and desistance from crime, and how it compares to the findings emerging from MEAM's Voices from the Frontline project.

From the Practitioner's Perspective: Our lit...

4th December 2015

In a series of blogs, expert practitioners from the fields of mental health, criminal justice and substance misuse are commenting on the recent Revolving Doors literature review comparing the processes of recovery from mental illness, recovery from addiction and desistance from crime.