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As a team we blend lived experience with expertise in frontline work, commissioning, policy and research


Our experience spans mental health, drug treatment, homelessness & housing, health & social care, policing, community safety, welfare, families, employment, and criminal justice.

Christina Marriott


Chris had her own consultancy for fifteen years following an early career in advertising. She then went on to work in academia, at the Care Quality Commission and the NHS before joining Revolving Doors. Due to a longstanding Radio4 obsession, she often falls asleep listening to the shipping forecast.

“My all-consuming passion is social justice. One guiding principle I’ve learned during my time in private, academic, statutory and voluntary organisations is never, ever to believe those well-worn stereotypes about efficiency or innovation. And my experience has also convinced me that good information can drive better services in just about any context – as long as it’s combined with leaders who have open minds and willing hearts.”

Katy Savage

Head of Partnerships

Katy is our Head of Partnerships. She was previously with Nacro where she managed the Offender Health Collaborative of which Revolving Doors is a key partner. She learned her project management skills at UNESCO in Paris where for over a decade she worked on programmes from open technologies for education to HIV and health education. She then returned to the UK the long way round, completing a circumnavigation in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. This hasn’t cured her of the sailing bug – her best weekends are those spent on the water.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work with the Revolving Doors Agency in my previous role was to ensure that lived experience fed into the delivery of all of our work across the Offender Health Collaborative programme. This insistence on putting the most-affected people at the heart of everything the agency does is its real point of difference in the field of multiple and complex disadvantage and the reason why the solutions it proposes are so relevant, workable and appropriate to the needs of people who often feel ignored or abandoned by the communities they live in.”

Andy Williams

Andy WIlliams

Head of Involvement

Andy’s job is to make sure the voices and experiences of people caught in the revolving door inspire us, shape policy and set our priorities. He has worked in this type of role since 2004 primarily in the homeless, mental health and substance use sectors, including eleven years at St Mungo’s. During that time he has established lived experience employment and volunteer schemes, forums, delivered peer research projects and set up the first recovery college outside the NHS. In his spare time he plays a lot of football, supports Charlton Athletic and loves going to gigs, where he admits he’s stuck in a 90s electronica, techno, indie time warp!

“If you focus on abilities and provide opportunities, people can transform their lives. Involvement leads to a more creative way of working and I’m excited by the potential of peer support to empower people. I’ve seen the idea of involvement evolve from something tokenistic or ‘too difficult’ to an exciting time where those with lived experience are genuinely setting the agenda and shaping services. There’s still more to achieve ─ we’re only beginning to understand the true impact of this approach.”

Burcu Borysik

Burcu Borysik

Policy Manager

Burcu Borysik is the Policy Manager at Revolving Doors Agency, overseeing our prevention workstream and leading on partnerships with police services and Police and Crime Commissioners. Over the past ten years, Burcu has evaluated and supported the implementation of several governments funded projects and provided training and consultancy for local commissioners and service providers across private and public sectors. Prior to joining Revolving Doors Agency, she was employed as the Head of Systems Change. Previously, she was Policy Manager at Homeless Link, overseeing a large portfolio of policy projects on supported housing, social care and health. Outside work, she enjoys arts, jazz and running.

“My experience of working across housing, criminal justice and health sectors has taught me the importance of challenging the fragmented approach in policymaking and service delivery, which often exacerbates problems and loses sight of the person. I am particularly drawn to the Revolving Doors Agency’s approach that combines lived experience, research and policy expertise to designing practical but ambitious system improvements.”

Dan Slee

Involvement Manager

Dan has spent several years volunteering and working for Peace Brigades International (PBI) in Colombia and London. Before joining Revolving Doors in October 2018, Dan managed Service User Involvement and Peer Mentoring projects in Camden. He holds an MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights and likes running, swimming, going to gigs and the odd Colombia-related event every now and then.

“I am passionate about supporting people to get involved in meaningful activity which can benefit both themselves and society at large. My job is to recruit and support people with lived experience to have their voices heard and, in this way, I can contribute to positive social change which I believe should come from the grassroots.”

Dr Ann Hanrahan

Research Manager

Dr. Ann Hanrahan is an experienced researcher holding both government and academic roles, as well as a national policy role with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Ann has published widely in a range of social and health issues resulting in more than 40 journal papers, reports and articles. Ann has held posts at the Home Office where she was Section Head (Alcohol and Crime) in Drugs Research Unit and Senior Researcher in Policing and Crime Unit, to support the development of alcohol and drug policies. Ann also worked in the Department of Health as an analyst where she was the Lead analyst for the Chief Medical Officer as well as working as a policy researcher for the Children and Young Peoples team. She also led the Analytical Team at the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government. During this post she managed the Evaluation of the Local Government Modernisation Agenda - 20 plus programme of evaluations of the policies introduced in 2001 to modernise local government including a meta-evaluation of the total impact of the raft of modernisation policies on local government. As an academic, at the Addictions Research Unit at Kings College London Ann’s research interest were in public health policy and she completed her PhD on problematic alcohol use. Ann’s policy-making experience with the NIHR included the development of national policy around the development of clinical academics.

"Joining RDA feels like going back to my roots as a researcher – working on real issues that can have a real impact on people’s lives. I am excited at the prospect of what we can achieve."