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As a team we blend lived experience with expertise in frontline work, commissioning, policy and research


Our experience spans mental health, drug treatment, homelessness & housing, health & social care, policing, community safety, welfare, families, employment, and criminal justice.

Christina Marriott


Chris had her own consultancy for fifteen years following an early career in advertising. She then went on to work in academia, at the Care Quality Commission and the NHS before joining Revolving Doors. Due to a longstanding Radio4 obsession, she often falls asleep listening to the shipping forecast.

“My all-consuming passion is social justice. One guiding principle I’ve learned during my time in private, academic, statutory and voluntary organisations is never, ever to believe those well-worn stereotypes about efficiency or innovation. And my experience has also convinced me that good information can drive better services in just about any context – as long as it’s combined with leaders who have open minds and willing hearts.”

Vicki Cardwell

Director of Policy and Research

Vicki spent several years working in parliament before moving into the third sector, working with the social business Catch22 and with the Transition to Adulthood Alliance. Before joining Revolving Doors, Vicki was Director of the Criminal Justice Alliance. She is a Churchill Fellow, a recipient of the Titmuss prize for outstanding MSc performance at the LSE and a regular media commentator. She also admits to a minor twitter addiction.

“I’ve always been a people person and I’m deeply interested in the way individuals can move from the margins of society into a life as active, fulfilled citizens. I see a real need for good quality research to support people all through that journey. At the Revolving Doors Agency I oversee our research, evaluations and policy. There’s nothing I love more than when my work involves me spending time listening to people with lived experience and frontline practitioners as part of research projects. Their insights and perspective add so much value to the work we do here.”

Katy Savage

Head of Business and Operations

Katy is our Head of Business and Operations. She was previously with Nacro where she managed the Offender Health Collaborative of which Revolving Doors is a key partner. She learned her project management skills at UNESCO in Paris where for over a decade she worked on programmes from open technologies for education to HIV and health education. She then returned to the UK the long way round, completing a circumnavigation in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. This hasn’t cured her of the sailing bug – her best weekends are those spent on the water.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work with the Revolving Doors Agency in my previous role was to ensure that lived experience fed into the delivery of all of our work across the Offender Health Collaborative programme. This insistence on putting the most-affected people at the heart of everything the agency does is its real point of difference in the field of multiple and complex disadvantage and the reason why the solutions it proposes are so relevant, workable and appropriate to the needs of people who often feel ignored or abandoned by the communities they live in.”

Dr Lucy Wainwright

Research Manager

Lucy looks after a range of service delivery evaluations, innovative strands of research and the outputs of our own research network. Her career has included working as a practitioner in the probation and prison services, completing a PhD, lecturing at all levels of undergraduate courses and working in charities to promote user involvement and opportunity. By working part-time Lucy manages to combine her work commitments with the demands of young children. As a result she no longer has time for hobbies, listing her pastimes as playing hospitals, building towers and visiting parks!

“There’s nothing I hate more than prejudice. That’s why I’m delighted to work with an organisation that actively seeks better outcomes for those who have struggled with multiple and complex needs. I love the ambition of the Revolving Doors Agency, its drive to change the system and its track record in working towards this.”

Daniel Honeybun

Research and Evaluation Officer

Before joining our team Daniel worked at The Royal Society for Public Health, leading on national evaluations of NHS services and collaborating with government bodies to design national governance and guidance for NHS staff. He holds a BSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics and has a particular interest in demography ─ specifically how fertility choices are affected by social, cultural and economic events. Outside work, Daniel is an avid Peep Show fan and can often be found at an Everything Everything gig.

“I always try to keep the concepts of equality, justice and fairness at the core of everything I do, both professionally and personally, which makes my role at Revolving Doors Agency perfect for me. I get to work closely with those most impacted by systems which often work against them, giving people a voice, improving the services they use and their outcomes. The emphasis Revolving Doors places on service user involvement has been transformative ─ it’s something I’ll look to embody throughout my career.”

Andy Williams

Andy WIlliams

Head of Involvement

Lesley Dixon

Engagement Manager

Lesley has been involved in the voluntary sector criminal justice area for over 16 years with roles at the Prison Reform Trust, the New Bridge Foundation and Action for Prisoners’ Families. As our Engagement Manager she works with our Head of Involvement on all service user involvement activities. Among her notable achievements are a project on criminal justice and mental health with Leicester PCC and working with Birth Companions, where she helped to improve the treatment of pregnant women and new mothers in detention as well as vulnerable women in the community. Lesley has professional qualifications in Nursing, Social Work, Management and Training.

“I’m privileged to work with service users at the Revolving Doors Agency. Being involved with their journey and sharing their lived experience to inform others and help make positive changes in services and attitudes is both challenging and rewarding.”

Burcu Borysik

Burcu Borysik

Policy Manager

Emma Casey

Emma Casey

Policy and Public Affairs Officer

Before joining us Emma was a police constable for Thames Valley Police, entering the force through the Police Now Graduate Leadership Scheme. During her time on the frontline she worked as a response officer, neighbourhood officer and problem solving officer across multiple teams. However, it was her work with the problem solving team that brought her into frequent contact with individuals who had multiple and complex needs, which further developed her understanding of the specific challenges facing the revolving doors group. Emma holds an MSc in Criminology & Criminal Justice from the University of Oxford and a BA in Criminology from the University of Essex. Outside of work she is a keen amateur boxer and a passionate foodie.

“After six years working in the criminal justice sector I’ve developed unique insight, working across: academia, the front line and influencing policy. My role as Policy & Public Affairs Officer at Revolving Doors gives me the perfect opportunity to engage closely with people who’ve had first-hand experience of the criminal justice system ─ using my knowledge and experience to help improve the system for all.”

Ellie De

Ellie De

Research and Policy Officer

Olivia Wessendorff

Digital Communications Manager

Olivia holds a degree in Law from the University of Bristol and she worked in recruitment and as an English teacher in Japan before joining the Civil Service as part of its Fast Stream programme. Her experience within the Civil Service includes roles at the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Ministry of Justice, and the Department for Education. In her spare time Olivia enjoys yoga, travel and vegan cooking.

“I joined the civil service because I care about social justice and making a difference in our unequal society. This is why I’m so passionate about the important work that Revolving Doors does. Ensuring that people are treated as individuals with regard for their needs is key to helping people and ensuring fairness in our society. My aim is to use digital channels to push Revolving Doors forward as a learning and convening organisation ─ and to consult with people with Lived Experience more effectively.”