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As a team we blend lived experience with expertise in frontline work, commissioning, policy and research


Our experience spans mental health, drug treatment homelessness & housing, health & social care, policing, community safety, welfare, families, employment and criminal justice.

Christina Marriott

Christina Marriott


Chris had her own consultancy for fifteen years following an early career in advertising. She then went on to work in academia, at the Care Quality Commission and the NHS before joining Revolving Doors. Due to a longstanding Radio4 obsession, she often falls asleep listening to the shipping forecast.

“My all-consuming passion is social justice. One guiding principle I’ve learned during my time in private, academic, statutory and voluntary organisations is never, ever to believe those well-worn stereotypes about efficiency or innovation. And my experience has also convinced me that good information can drive better services in just about any context – as long as it’s combined with leaders who have open minds and willing hearts.”

Vicki Cardwell

Vicki Cardwell

Director of Policy and Research

Vicki spent several years working in parliament before moving into the third sector, working with the social business Catch22 and with the Transition to Adulthood Alliance. Before joining Revolving Doors, Vicki was Director of the Criminal Justice Alliance. She is a Churchill Fellow, a recipient of the Titmuss prize for outstanding MSc performance at the LSE and a regular media commentator. She also admits to a minor twitter addiction.

“I’ve always been a people person and I’m deeply interested in the way individuals can move from the margins of society into a life as active, fulfilled citizens. I see a real need for good quality research to support people all through that journey. At the Revolving Doors Agency I oversee our research, evaluations and policy. There’s nothing I love more than when my work involves me spending time listening to people with lived experience and frontline practitioners as part of research projects. Their insights and perspective add so much value to the work we do here.”

Paula Harriott

Paula Harriott

Head of Involvement

At the Revolving Doors Agency Paula is able to combine her professional qualifications in addiction, counselling and psychotherapy with the lived experiences of system shortcomings that she shares with so many of those who get involved in our work. A frustrated tennis player, musician, gymnast, actress and dancer, Paula loves reggae, soul, jazz and hip-hop music. She is at home in Glastonbury’s mud and dreams of walking the red carpet at the Grammys with one of her many musically talented kids.

“My role here fits me perfectly – it’s all about working with people who want to get involved in our work because they share our passion to change things. Systems need to improve to create equitable opportunities and outcomes for all, and my work and personal life are both dedicated to challenging the injustice faced by those with multiple and complex needs. To get things done I’m an absolute believer in co-production, cooperation, consensus and freedom from mental slavery.”

Catriona Savage

Katy Savage

Head of Business and Operations

Katy is our Head of Business and Operations. She was previously with Nacro where she managed the Offender Health Collaborative of which Revolving Doors is a key partner. She learned her project management skills at UNESCO in Paris where for over a decade she worked on programmes from open technologies for education to HIV and health education. She then returned to the UK the long way round, completing a circumnavigation in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. This hasn’t cured her of the sailing bug – her best weekends are those spent on the water.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work with the Revolving Doors Agency in my previous role was to ensure that lived experience fed into the delivery of all of our work across the Offender Health Collaborative programme. This insistence on putting the most-affected people at the heart of everything the agency does is its real point of difference in the field of multiple and complex disadvantage and the reason why the solutions it proposes are so relevant, workable and appropriate to the needs of people who often feel ignored or abandoned by the communities they live in.”

Paul Anders

Paul Anders

Policy Manager

Paul has worked in policy roles in central government and the voluntary sector, and spent over ten years working in and managing services for homeless people and people affected by mental ill health in Sheffield and London. In addition to his role with Revolving Doors, Paul is an unpaid non-executive director of a social enterprise that supports people with histories of homelessness, substance misuse, mental ill health and offending into paid employment. Outside work, Paul enjoys central and southern European literature, good food and periodic escapes to the quieter parts of Greece.

“I lead on national policy for Revolving Doors and I have a particular interest in substance misuse, homelessness, welfare reform and labour market policy. Systems have to change and that change needs to be matched by society. As long as people are unable to fully participate in the social, cultural and economic lives of their communities, opportunities for them to move forward will be missed. And every day in our work we see proof that when those opportunities are grasped, people’s lives can be transformed.”

Monica Andriescu profile photo

Monica Andriescu

Senior Research and Evaluation Officer

Monica joined Revolving Doors fresh from completing her PhD at Berlin’s Humboldt University. Her research investigated the effects of immigration, employment, welfare and skills policies on EU migrants’ occupational trajectories in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Spain. This involved conducting over 280 in-depth interviews with migrants and local stakeholders. She has also worked as a research associate with Oxford University and the University of California, and as a policy advisor in Romania. While living in Berlin, Monica volunteered in support of recent migrants at risk of social exclusion. In her spare time she enjoys travel and taking long walks.

“One of the biggest rewards of conducting my doctoral research was the interaction with so many amazing people who were willing to contribute to strengthening the evidence base about the difficulties that recent Eastern European immigrants face in finding suitable employment. This experience strengthened my motivation to use my research skills to improve services for individuals with multiple and complex needs. My role with Revolving Doors makes it possible for me to contribute my analytical skills and experience to this goal.”

Rosie Andrassy

Rosie Andrassy


Rosie is our Administrator. She has a varied background, including legal experience in a busy law firm, voluntary experience in mentoring youth offenders and has even tried her luck at tree surgery! Rosie holds a degree in Law from Kings College London and has a history in performing arts such as contemporary dance and ballet, while by contrast she is also an avid rock and roller.

“Since joining the Revolving Door Agency I have become committed to a career working directly with people who have multiple and complex needs who are so often failed by current systems. The gaps in the services available can only ever be bettered by working with service users. People whose voices should be heard the loudest are often not heard at all.”