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Changing Policy

We are not only leading the national debate for reform we are also bringing about change for the better within the system.

We propose creative, practical, evidence-based solutions

Lives of those facing the crisis-crime cycle of The Revolving Door are being transformed as a direct result of the national policy and advocacy work we are doing.

Our team is also working at local level with Police and Crime Commissioners and local authorities, helping providers to design and commission their services so that they respond effectively to the multiple complex needs of people trapped by The Revolving Door.

Liaison and Diversion services are now being rolled out nationally

By placing the appropriate specialists at contact points within the criminal justice system, offenders with combined mental health, learning disability or substance misuse vulnerabilities can be identified quickly. This allows us to provide the right mix of care just where it’s needed, helping people overcome their challenges and move on positively with their lives.

The Revolving Door Agency is delighted to see these services being implemented. Our team has campaigned consistently for this improvement, co-writing the operating model and supporting its roll-out by helping commissioners and providers follow best practice.

£15 million in Government funding will cut the number of people with mental ill-health held in police cells

Our team highlighted the unacceptable situation in which some 4,000 people a year are held in police cells under The Mental Health Act.

Using robust evidence gathered with the close involvement of those with lived experience we successfully argued for the introduction of a health-based alternative. Funding for that change is now in place.

Working with Police and Crime Commissioners

We work with Police and Crime Commissioners to transform local criminal justice responses.

The projects are on-going and have already produced a wide range of recommendations to improve the experience of young adults and those in The Revolving Door cycle of crisis and offending when they come into repeated contact with the police.

Capital Gains

Recent estimates suggest a minimum of 7,800 people are caught in The Revolving Door at any one time in the capital. Through the Capital Gains project we’re working closely with the London mayor and other key city decision makers to gain support for and a commitment to improving the responses people receive.

The work brings the latest research and evidence to policymakers – much of it provided in association with service users – to inform policy changes that will improve services. We have also identified and shared examples of promising practice that could be applied consistently across the city.

New Generation Policing

New Generation Policing is a three-year programme supporting police and crime commissioners and police services to develop and implement new interventions to stop young adults from being caught in the cycle of crime and crisis.