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Ending the revolving door - new briefing for PCCs

Ending the revolving door - new briefing for PCCs

20 September 2012

In less than two months, elections will be held across the country for the first generation of police and crime commissioners. PCCs will be powerful local figures, responsible for setting the police budget, hiring and firing the chief constable, and setting strategic policing priorities. Importantly, they will also have a broader community safety role, and be responsible for commissioning services and reducing crime within their area.

Today, we are launching our new briefing for PCCs. Entitled “Ending the Revolving Door”, the paper highlights the importance of dealing effectively with the ‘revolving doors’ group of offenders in order to reduce crime and maintain an efficient police force, and offers solutions for PCCs to consider locally.

The paper makes three key recommendations to PCC candidates as they write their manifestos:

  1. Commission creatively to reduce crime and reoffending: Jointly commission services that work in partnership with the police to tackle the multiple needs of many repeat offenders.
  2. Work with a range of partners to address multiple needs: Take a lead role in bringing together a range of partners, including health. Hold other agencies to account to ensure partnership arrangements work effectively and the police can focus on their core role.
  3. Consult with all those in contact with the criminal justice system: Include offenders as part of their commitment to engage with the whole community.

With nearly half a million crimes committed by former offenders in the year ending June 2010, repeat offending and anti-social behaviour is causing serious damage to communities, and placing a major burden on the public purse. As a significant proportion of this crime is committed by people with multiple needs, it is vital that the first generation of PCCs take their opportunity to lead change locally and end the revolving door of crisis and crime.