1. Service User Involvement

Service User Involvement

At Revolving Doors we believe people who have personal experience of multiple and complex problem are experts through experience. Services and systems cannot be effective unless they are developed and delivered in partnership with people with personal experience. Getting involved in their communities can help people in the revolving doors situation develop skills and a positive identity and help them escape the cycle of crisis and crime.


Service User Involvement Consultancy

Our Service User Involvement consultancy offer is multi-faceted – we can offer a range of different services to organisations requiring expertise in Service User Involvement within the field of multiple needs.

Uniquely, we offer vast experience of Multiple and Complex needs, as well as expertise in Lived Experience, which places us at the forefront of service user involvement in the sector.

We can provide:

  • Strategic Training:

–      Helping organisations to develop an Involvement strategy underpinning future work.

–      We are able to offer assessments of current practice, and guidance on co-production.

–      We also provide advisory services in risk management and safeguarding of service users.

–      Our experience of this comes from Fulfilling Lives work and other SU consultancy.

–      We have also produced best practice guides (including for NOMS and Clinks)


  • Peer Research

–      We can provide peer research with experienced cohort of ex-offenders

–      This is an immediate reference group

–      Insights stem from our Peer Research network


  • Focus Groups

–      We have experience of setting up focus groups in a range of settings, including in prisons and probation

–      We have access to these populations

–      We can recruit and assemble bespoke focus groups dependent on need


  • Training Programmes

–      We have a range of training programmes targeted at service users

–      These are available to organisations wishing to train service users.

–      Topics include Power and Influencing


  • Consultation Responses:

–      Our Forum can provide rapid responses to consultations

–      They are an established cohort that have underpinned our insights for many years

–      Forum has national and regional coverage


Contact us to find out more about our service user involvement consultancy and what we can offer.