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National Service User Forum

National Service User Forum

Revolving Door’s National Service User Forum brings together people from across the country who have personal experience of multiple and complex problems, including poor mental health, drug and alcohol problems and who have had contact with the criminal justice system. They work to influence policy and improve services locally and nationally. The Forum is integral to our work and members ensure that everything we do is rooted in the reality of people’s experiences.

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What they say: 

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation

"We are grateful to the service users we met through Revolving Doors for their input on ‘what an experience of supervision should be like’. Their thoughtful comments contributed to our detailed inspection criteria,and helped to shape our inspection guidance and set benchmarks for the quality of practice we define as sufficient.”  


Forum member

"We are the voice of a distinct group of people who have suffered the system and now are going to take the chance to change it for the better" 

 Jon Cruddas, MP, after a roundtable with forum members. 

"I'd like to thank you all for giving up your time to come and tell me your experiences and to give me your insights into the failings of existing service provision as well as your valuable suggestions on how to improve it.. I wish you all the best and take with me the fantastic line, 'you need hope to cope' ".

Forum member

 "I believe groups like this are an asset to government and politicians because without groups like this they would be clueless" 

Lord Keith Bradley

“Crucially within the methodology [for his report] was – and I thank them again – Revolving Doors ... who gathered together for me a group of people who’d been through the criminal justice system who had suffered from mental health or learning disabilities and their families, to really understand how the criminal justice system treated them and what we could do better to support them through that process.” 

"To make the system better it takes service users, to get involved at grass roots level and it is through this process that things can and will change in the future for systems" Forum member


Senior Policy Adviser at the Sentencing Council

"Forum members’ views on drugs in prison and the effectiveness of different sentencing disposals including their deterrent effect will be reflected in the proposals put forward to the Sentencing Council for consideration.  They give an insight otherwise unavailable to policy-makers.”