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Capital Gains

Capital gains aims to inform policy and strategy in London to improve service responses for individuals who face multiple and complex needs

People in this situation face a range of interacting problems at once, often including poor mental health, substance misuse issues, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and repeated contact with the police and criminal justice system.

Frontline services were designed to deal with one problem at a time and so often struggle to respond to someone with complex needs. As a result, people all too often end up falling through gaps in support and becoming caught in The Revolving Door cycle of crisis and crime.

A minimum of 7,800 people are in this situation across London. This is according to recent estimates.


We will push for more integrated policy and commissioning

The outcomes we’re calling for are:

  • Earlier intervention in people’s problems
  • Better coordinated support for offenders and people in crisis
  • A greater focus on supporting long-term recovery.

Working with key London decision makers we aim to help improve how the system responds in these ways:

  • Working with members of our London Service User Panel to ensure the insight from their lived experience shapes policy and practice.
  • Working closely with the Mayor of London and other key decision makers to gain support and a commitment to improving responses to The Revolving Doors group
  • Bringing the latest research and evidence to policymakers to inform policy changes that will improve services
  • Identifying and sharing examples of promising practice that could be applied across London

This project is funded by Trust for London